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Just a few words to introduce you to my passion, and then I'll let you discover my canvasses.

The sight of a face, a landscape or a sky that triggers the desire to paint, the impatience to get the sketches started, the various steps that give birth to the painting, a last stroke and... I turn my back to the canvas rapt as I am with the appeal of other dreams and other works to come.

Innate passions, drawing and painting are part and parcel of my life. The son and grand-son of painters, I remember my father meeting other artists at home "Pride kills art" my father taught me: I therefore usually paint in the street, than have never been disappointed words exchanged, the look of a chold who stops to watch, are the highest of all rewards.

Amoug the canvasses you'll discover, many marines were inspired by the old port of "Bret inch" with its ever changing lights and its wild coast, a world of the sea peopled with hardworking men and women, a world where you rought it a world where memory and solidarity are meaningful words and irrepreceable values; a world where the land merges into the ocean, a place where each day is a new adventure into beauty.

You'll also discover landscape paintings, portraits ans canvasses of animals as well as adverstising notice boards.

For me each painting is a unique experience and I hope my works will make you dream of beauties and emotions unknown. A canvas has life of its own and looks different every day for every one. Looking at a painting is like a voyage among colours ans shapes... A voyage I invite you to share with me.

Have a nice trip.